Friday, May 21, 2010

another before & after vintage suitcase table? please meet :: blue footed bobby ::

I am so excited to finally share my latest vintage suitcase creation with the interweb! After completing Bambi, the first upcycle of the luggage kind and most beloved of all things I've made, I knew I was onto something. The traffic to that post is still strong. She has been featured online as well as had interest from some very cool websites and publications. thanks guys & stay tuned :)

This guy was given to me in his original pre-loved state by a wonderful man I work with during the holidays when he heard I was into 'the luggage'. He had used it and found it in the garage, unloved, and lovingly gave him to me to upcycle and make useful. Perfection.

Blue Footed Bobby, as it also turns out, is an Ikea Hack. Once I completed cleaning, priming painting and finishing up his stripes with some magic shiny tape I was on the hunt for legs. He's not a large suitcase, just the right size, medium. He needed legs that matched his style and size. I hunted and hunted for something inexpensive and suitable. What did I end up using? The base from my very own best friend of a laptop table from Ikea, Dave. Height adjustable, tiltable and so so birdlike, I loved the idea in my mind. With a little cleaning, some paint and a simple transplant of hardware he was born. Without any further explanation, let me introduce Blue Footed Bobby.

just a little laptop work in the garden, you know.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



LazyBones said...

Soooo cute! And it looks perfect in the garden.

firstofmany said...

I love the Blue Footed Bobby. Does the case still open? Does the tap give it a little "anti-slip" when you have it a bit tilted. I was thinking of you yesterday when I came across some of my mom's old luggage. Thank you for sharing!

serenity said...

sooooo cool!

mchen said...

Whoa, dude. You are on a ROLL. I just saw Bambi for the first time and love her, but this takes thing to a new level with the stripes and colours — love!

innendørs said...

love it!!!!

Sarita said...

Love it!
I found this as I'm wanting to jazz up a boring white Dave table.
What paint did you use?


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