Friday, September 18, 2009

photo taggage

so, i got tagged.
the lovely laura from The Forgotten Brush was tagged, wrote, shared and posted her pic in the post What's in Your Photo Album, and tagged me. so i thought i would partake and see what i stumbled upon. yay fun!

Here's the gist. The idea is to:

1. Open your first photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it.
4. Tag people to do the same.

so. the story behind #10 in the first folder. these are my hounds. frank, the evil jack russell terrier that i swear can speak english, and josie, her sweet 'santa's little helper' like sidekick. that day was oops, ran outta dogfood day, and so we got creative. the dogs love carrots and lettuce. i have no idea why. well, the carrots started out as toys for the crazy fatdog (frank) and quickly turned into treats. the lettuce, well, why not. it would do with the chicken and other good stuff underneath, and would fill them for the day until i could get to the store. for some reason i decided to take a snap of the anticipation brewing beneath the bowls. i love how out of focus it is too. awesome.

so there you have it: the evil hound sisters, and their sad lunch.

now, who do i tag? I tag:
can't wait to see what they post!


StarsandRobots said...

Great pic and story! I was tagged too, so just snooping around!

Red Shoe Artist said...

Cute puppies... OK it's midnight now & I'm on the lappy that has no personality or contains any of my files.. it's just a PC that hangs around my bed so I can check blogs b4 bed. As soon as I get on my shiny iMac that has all my lovely juicy files I will accept this challenge. Thanks for thinking of me lovely lady..
Miss chatting to you

Laura said...

Now that is just too cute! They are adorable. The fact that you could feed them that is amazing, too.

The photo doesn't really seem that out of focus, except for the dog's tail, which adds a nice movement. I love it!

Great post, Leel!!

Connie said...

Your pups are absolutely freaking adorable!! I wish we lived close enough that we could have doggy play dates!! Oh my--did I say "doggy play dates"? See--that's how cute your pups are...they make my brain all gooey!

Thanks for tagging me Leel!! It's perfect fun!

Here you go:

Love ya!!!

Peace & Love.

Lena said...

Puppies!!! Love!!! xxx

Stellan said...

Cute doggies! Yummy salad bowls. lol.

leel said...

thanks guys! the hounds are an endless source of fun, love and laughter around here! You're all welcome to visit any time!


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