Saturday, June 26, 2010

30 seconds of shaking feels like forever: earthquake aftermath

So we endured an earthquake here in central Canada. Apparently North America is getting squeezed in on the edges so we rumbled and buckled here in the middle. Awesome. The quake epicenter was 60 km north of us. Super awesome. When it happened i was alone in the house, just getting ready to tackle cleaning the sty i refer to as my studio/ office when i heard a weird noise. a rumbling noise that turned into shaking. Then harder shaking and before i knew i had shouted "earthquake!" tweeted that shit was falling off my walls as it shook, and still it just. kept. going. 30 seconds of shaking feels like forever.

Once I started to see things falling off the shelves in the office, heard more clanging and glass falling in the stairwell to the floor below me and the windows rattled I really started to wonder if this was It. I knew that if kept going much longer and started to shake any harder the house would fall in so I jumped under the door frame for a few seconds. I could hear the beams creaking and see the walls bouncing. I was really afraid. At this point, thank the universe, I could feel the rumble starting to ease, but it still kept going. I'm pretty sure the dogs, who moments before were under my feet, were barking and down on the main floor by this point. It was crazy and loud and chaotic I have no idea where they were when I was doing all this. I remember looking down the stairs at all the broken glass from falling pictures, and there the dogs were, at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me.

My only instinct as it started to decrease was to get the eff out of the house. I slid on the flip flops, grabbed my laptop (hello? twitter was the BEST for info, fast) my wallet, the dogs, the phone and out we went to the back porch. At that point I dumped everything on the patio table, locked to dogs in the back yard and headed through the house to the front. I needed to see wtf was going on with the neighbours. Needless to say people were everywhere. The elementary school next door was evacuated. The kids were pretty loud and freaked. People from the 18 floor apartment buildings across the street were emerging packed like mules with kids and pets. I can only imagine what that felt like for them when it shook. Neighbours shouted across the streets back and forth " did you feel that? what WAS that? are you ok? did your stuff fall off the walls?" Holy wow. Luckily everyone was fine. No structural damage that we can see. But I'm still shaken by it. Rattled on the inside.

Since cleaning up the obvious debris and straightening every single piece of art hanging in here I've also had to go around and straighten piles of books that had shifted, vases that had fallen over, glasses that now at on the edge of shelves. It's like everything that could move danced around a bit and settled a few inches from where it originally was. As the days have progresses I still keep fnding little reminders of the power a quake. I thought I'd just share them here.

Poor little guys.
Wow. Were we lucky.

Happy Saturday all!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

felted stitchy fun - the options continue

I've been absent around here, sorry for that. I'm going through a big cleaning binge right now, thanks in part to my mom's wonderful inspiration. Thank goodness the bub is feeling it too. We've already tackled our gigantic pit of a linen closet & my mom and I have set up a plan to re-organize the entire house, basically, once school ends and she has the summer off. One large component of the clean-up I've started to tackle alone is my studio/office. It's crazy right now. As I get ready to venture out into a business of my own VERY soon (i know! more to come soon!) I need to reorganize and inventory my work/supplies. As I do so I am re-discovering tonnes of random pieces and projects from the past. One such piece is a needle felted flower embellished with embroidery.

I was introduced to needle felting about 4 years ago and seriously considered starting a business based on those creations alone. The timing was wrong. I got back into drawing and mixed-media/painting eventually and the felted goodness has been stored high up in boxes ever since.

One piece I really enjoyed working on as well as the final result (the two don't necessarily go hand in hand, you see) is this flower piece. It's about 6" long and 4" wide at the widest parts. It started as a random layering of wet felt roving, and then i shaped the flower and added coloured wisps over top. Once it was dry I started embellishing it with coloured floss, moving along as it developed depth and definition here or there, and this is what I ended up with. .

My point? I loved working on these, then. I have a tonne of supplies and more to share if anyone is interested in seeing them. I didn't think I would ever go back to them for many reasons, but I find, today, a feeling that maybe I should go back to making a few smaller versions for headbands and winter jackets and see what comes of it. I do love felting and stitching. Who knows - I'll throw it on my to-do list!

Thoughts on felting? Have you tried it?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

words from my mama wednesday

today's post is brought to you courtesy of my wonderful mom.
my mom e-mails me a couple of times a week from work, the only place she chooses to be online. sometimes they are cute puppies or a joke, sometimes just a hello. always great.
sometimes my mom also sends crazy stream of consciousness e-mails that make me laugh out loud. she reminds me where i get it from. perfect for blogging.
so, let's share then. first, to set the stage:

a) The Bub and I had gone out to dinner the evening before to celebrate our anniversary (four whole years!) and she was checking in from her desk at work the day after; and
b) my mom is a maniac cleaner. I sense it must be painful for her to come inside our house most visits.

ok. enter e-mail:

Subject: dinner

I was just wondering how your dinner went last evening. I was thinking of you as I cleaned my fridge within an inch of my life. I've got to do something about these cleaning urges. I'm running out of things to clean and organize. Oh..... my closet needs my attention.

that's it. all of it. awesome. i love my mom. i hope she focuses those cleaning urges THIS way. i should e-mail her about that.


Monday, June 14, 2010

52 books in 52 weeks: a mandatory mid-way update

I'm happy to report that this challenge is still in full swing. With a bit of a push and a couple of shorter books thrown in, it might just be achievable. By the end of 2010, that is. Here we are mid-June already. Already, mid-June you say? I hear you.

At this point, half way into the year, I should be in or around book 26, right? Wrong. Ok, the number 26 is fine, but where I am on the list isn't so close to 26. Try 18. I know! I'm only at 18. What gives? Well, a couple of 500+ pagers to start. Those set me back a couple weeks for sure. It's seems that since the cruise in March I got behind and haven't really caught up. Have no fear, I tell myself, the summer is here so I'll be able to find some more time to sneak away with books. That's the plan, anyway.

When I last posted about this bloody book challenge I was in the process of choosing book #15. Here is an update of what I have been reading since that post.
15 - The Englishman's Boy by Guy Vanderhaeghe
16 - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
17 - The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby

The funny thing is that all three of these books have been made into movies and I haven't seen one of them. After reading each I would love to now go and track them down. Maybe I'll save that for January - when it's cold and dark and the challenge is through. It's fair to say I enjoyed each one thoroughly. I would recommend them to anybody. Hey, anyone read The Diving Bell and the Butterfly? OMG. Go buy it and read it. To read a book dictated letter by letter through the flick of an eyelash is a thing of beauty alone. That's all I will say.

As always, I'm looking for recommendations, so feel free to leave them in the comments. Happy Summer Reading, kids!


music monday :: Radical Face

I fell in love at first listen, again. That was a couple weeks ago. The test of time has told me this might be a new fave band.

Rebecca of Girls Gone Child was the one to introduce me to this band via her post 49/100. I had a listen to Welcome Home then, googled them to see who they are and have been flipping through their stuff ever since. The coolest part is that Ben Cooper (he IS Radical Face as well as Electric President) produced and recorded another Music Monday fave's albums, Astronautalis! I KNOW> weird. They are both from Florida. Who knew.

With that, I will leave you with this little gem to ponder. It's a beauty.



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