Thursday, February 25, 2010

rabbit hole alert: a 2 parter

two quick things. videos, actually.
that's it. that's all.

1) Jessica Gonacha Swift blogged about this little video yesterday morning and I have been hooked ever since (thanks Jess!). It has been kept open and playing on my laptop while I fumble around for the past 24 hours and echoing from within my brain on a continuous loop. I love the song, the voice, the artwork, the animation, the lyrics, everything. This Australian singer, Sarah Blasko reminds me of a mix of Sarah Slean, Chan Marshal from the band Cat Power, Fiona Apple and Feist. I know. Just see for yourself. *Classic* Rabbit Hole:

2) Temple Grandin. Someone on twitter mentioned the name, I had heard that HBO had made a film and then I remembered, I had seen something previously about her. She is amazing. It was only after watching the amazing HBO film (Temple is played by Claire Danes) that all the pieces came together in my mind. I thought it might have been a TED video a while ago, so off I went to check it all out. Yay! There is a new one! We can all thank the brilliance of the people at TED. Don't know about TED? Check it out; it has been my virtual learning playground for my mind for a couple of years now. For now though, lets just watch Temple Grandin, she has some really amazing things to say that I think we all should hear.

Happy Thursday!



Mel said...

Keeley, me too with Temple Grandin.
I had heard of her before, then watched the HBO movie, then got hooked on her youtubes. I Love her!
thanks for the TED link too!

Evangeline said...

Yup, Temple Grandin is my hero. I actually watched that vid with E. He was inspired about his special brain! And it was really easy to get him to do homework last night..."remember what Temple Grandin said about kids with special ways of thinking needing to learn and grow those amazing Aspie brains? Well, get on it son." ;)

leel said...

@mel - hey, did we go through that whole rabbit hole together a while ago? I think we may have. I think I first heard about TED from you - definitely the GERDs... ha!

@E - my heart warmed reading, and re-reading that comment. Wow. I think Temple Grandins heart would as well. Power to the people! ( I loved when she talks about getting all the amazing visual thinkers and minds together in Silicon Valley.) How amazing for E. Sigh. Wow :) YAY!

Thanks for the awesome comments guys - I love having you all popping in and saying hi!

I think I might start to embed videos more often! Fun!

♥ leel


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