Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a new blog is born: what the frick' is this?

a girl named leel had a dream to be surrounded by all the things that made her smile.
pretty flowers, little birds, blue skies and the colour green.
unique ideas, flowing with creativity.
a place all her own.
where she could record what she loved: things found on her daily regimented round of savvy blogs and etsy shops. things that needed to be shared!

she could then share what she creates, loves and lives with, with all of those amazing bloggers who continually share their worlds.

so she created it. here. now.


& thanks for the patience! I am still ironing out the details of all my branding etc., so there will be tonnes of changes to come. I hope to post at least once a day, with lots of links and pictures; a feast for your creative soul, if you will.

stay tuned!


Evangeline said...

OK I have had this window open all day trying to find time to come on here and say HOW AWESOME YOUR NEW BLOG IS!
I am totally adding you to my side bar RSS feeder thingy right now!

leel said...

yippee! i'm so excited you found me E! i needed a spot for creative stuff etc. I will be checking out the new nerdland tonight, getting caught up etc. phew... so much!

thanks sweetpea... i'm loving your blog too!

Anonymous said...

i very adore your posting style, very remarkable,
don't give up and keep creating for the reason that it simply truly worth to read it,
impatient to look over much of your current web content, have a good day :)


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