Wednesday, April 1, 2009

♥ lovely link: potato stamping: so easy! ♥

just had to post a post with some creative substance to get the blog wheel a rollin'! here we go!

a great little site I stalk , craft tutorials, posted a nice little gem i thought might be a first little post! i just stumbled upon this site a couple of days ago, and i urge you to check it out! (what did I ever do before rss feeds?!) anyway:

author jenni posted this fantastic little tutorial for stamping shirts that serves as a nice reminder of all the things we can do with simple household items: my fave? potatoes, natch! to eat (my hub, the bub, he makes great homemade fries... yum!) to carve, with lino cutting tools or exactos and make monoprints with... all of it. (OH - just watch the fingers if you choose to embellish your spud with a knife. trust me on this one - ouch! I loved how they used cookie cutters in the example above.)

check out the blogpost here: and get stamping - i did and let me tell you it was fast, easy, creative and very fullfilling! I have sent a couple of these litte babies onto friends inside cards and with gifts. I love them! Think original gift tag, framed artwork, multi-media material... the sky is the limit, as usual!

Here are the things I used:

♥ 1 potato - cut in half
♥ 8x10 piece of glass for ink (that's about the size you'll need to work the ink)
♥ speedball lino cutter handle and various cutting nib things - use to cut out design
♥ speedball printing ink,- i used purple
♥ speedball brayer/roller, to add the ink to the potato surface
♥ some leftover pieces of paper: this is a creamy tan canson pastel paper i believe ?!

simply follow the instructions the ms lovely jenni lays out so well, and you too will be on your way to creating something super simple and fun to share with all the lovies of your life. t-shirt OR little print!

loves it, kids!
♥ leel

and yes, next time i will add in more pics and details... i had no idea when i did these i would actuall blog about them!

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