Sunday, November 22, 2009

an i have no idea post

this spot will start to contain some more bloglike behaviour. not necessarily art or design related, but blog related. writing. talking a bit. time to see where it takes us!
so. no idea where this post is going. im sitting in the mancave. without an apostrophe or a quotation marks. its bad enough i dont capitalize. now im without punctuation too? the evil hounds quest for all things edible resulted in the great coffee spill of 2009 when i left the home for 10 minutes. on my keyboard. yah. still some glitches. no punctuation and bad spelling as a result. ok, the bad spelling and grammar and editing, still my fault.
im watching my man dave and the amazement of his band make magic on snl. in my basement. without a power cord and only half a battery left. and a sore back from hunching over said laptop in what the bub has dubbed my montgomery burns posture.
im stewing. thinking through possible attainable goals. craving something fattening and hoping toast might fill the hole so i can go back to thinking without interruption from the body. the body. mine feels tired. and old. is it the fall? is it my not so great eating habits? is it the fact that i am 36 and going into my 37th winter? is it all the job changes? who knows. all most likely. who am i kidding. all.
seth myers is on. i like seth myers.
what have i been up to? thinking about a lot of things. reading blogs. lurking around checking out my fave design sites. watching tv. fall stuff. oh, yah, working a couple of jobs. thinking about the upcoming holidays which i am both a) anticipating with joy, and b) loathing with complete disdain. fun stuff.
at the top of my distraction, overthinking and increase in anxiety is the process of nailing down a name and designs for a more pro-like-blog where i peddle my wares and talk upcycling and art exclusively. January 2010 is the goal. enough talking the talk - how many years (my entire life)have i been wanting to be right where i am, right now? seems its time to walk that walk. this little spot has been a trial run for creativity, a place for me to think about posting to, but not wanting to be too personal, or too art focused, or too... something. i havent felt like ive gelled with this spot, but im hoping to change that. by just writing.
so, creative blogs on hiatus for now. we will see what develops when the new excitement starts in 2010. i have got a bit of exciting news to share (well, to me anyway!) and no, not of the child sort so no, dont even. I will be sharing here first when i get closer to the new year!
so now my battery is almost dead. and im hungrier.
love and love,

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