Monday, August 23, 2010

Apartment Details: A Vintage Suitcase DIY

My *love of vintage suitcase tables* envelope is sealed with a big fat sloppy kiss. It's official. It only made sense then that I would include one in the apartment I recently designed.

I started off with a medium sized suitcase and decided to use a basic wooden stool that's roughly 30 inches tall for the base and legs. I found each piece at the Salvation Army Store for about $5 each. Once I made my design decisions I spray primed and painted each piece; the base white and the entire case a light green. To assemble them, I simply screwed the suitcase to the top of the stool.

I decided on a natural paper top for this one. I made sure to pick a sturdy paper, one with real grass and yellow flowers that suited to feel I was going for in the room. I laid out the paper on top, went around the edge with my finger to emboss the edges of the top into the paper, and cut it out with scissors. I podged the paper to the top, allowed it to dry and then add a super thick 2nd coat to protect and seal it all in. I love results! A prefect spot for plants and a perfect storage spot inside the case as well.

So there you have it. Another suitcase table is complete!

Stay tuned for more DIY's to come :)



Liz Noonan said...

um- UHmazing!!!!! I LOVE This! I want one, I want one!!!

Anonymous said...

The handmade paper on top really makes it pop! I love it

Evangeline said...

This may be my fav suitcase redo yet!

firstofmany said...

Love it! Are you doing anything on the inside to "freshen" things up? The old suitcase that I dug up at my mom's was pretty musty smelling so I am looking for tips.

serenity said...

more magic!!! woot!


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