Sunday, August 29, 2010

amazing music monday :: DO FUN STUFF ::

Who loves music? EVERYONE. Kids, adults, all of us. SO you HAVE to check this out: An amazing album of music written for adults AND kids! Something that won't make you wanna poke your ears! I KNOW! HOORAY! Go no further than a click below.

Ryan of Pacing the Panic Room has lovingly pulled together an album of specially written tunes that both kids and adults can enjoy to help research Smith Magenis Syndrome (SMS), a genetic condition that affects his sweet son LB.

ALL of the money goes to help research SMS. I enourage you to download the album on iTunes and share it with any kid in your life - my nephews will soon have their own copy to groove to. I just know my brother and sister in law are going to approve!

Rabbit? Radical Face? Astronautalis? ALL on there. So, Just GO!



serenity said...

love the pic, but afraid it wouldn't play for me--aw well =)

knack said...

super fun! xo


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