Saturday, September 11, 2010

we are muslim

Today Adam Avitable, an American blogger I follow/have grown to love like an imaginary sibling, has taken a sidestep from all his usual humourous rantings and sketches and given religion and peace center stage.
I needed to share. Plus, it's September 11th today and some crazyass has just finally announced he's calling off his international book burning party of ignorant hatred and fear. Well, that's what I've come to think of it as. Anyway. Back to the point: Progress.

In his introduction to We Are Muslim, the new movement and website Adam has started, he writes:
What is “We Are Muslim”?

We are Making a United Stand to eLiminate Intolerance against Muslims.

Muslims are everywhere. They are our friends. Our neighbors. Our family. Our peers. Our colleagues. Our fellow Americans. Our fellow world citizens. And they are not terrorists. They are not dangerous or irrational or fanatics. They are peaceful and loving and kind. They are human.

We have a history of looking for scapegoats and of relying on stereotypes and rash assumptions to create a false sense of security. The Japanese Americans who were interred 60 years ago can tell you about that. The people who were branded “Communists” by the fear-mongering Joseph McCarthy can attest to this fact... (continue to read more)

So, to show my support, I am posting the widget in my sidebar. I hope you might be inspired enough to do so as well.

peace and kindness to you all,



serenity said...

i'm not a widget person, but it sounds like an interesting idea! thanks for sharing =)

Avitable said...

Thank you for posting this. :)

leel said...

@ser: thanks girlie! it is a great movement, i think.

@avitable: thank YOU for starting something so great. :)

Evangeline said...

Excellent Keeley. Just excellent.

Red Shoe Artist said...

Thanks for sharing... I'll spread that widget down under


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