Friday, May 1, 2009

freaky friday

it may come as a shocker, but i embrace my freakdom. i was flipping through images saved, and came across some that were interesting enough. i thought they might be fun to post here for later reference. i'll try and keep it to things that actual people other than I myself would find interesting. k? k. deal.
ok, random screen captures

do you ever love an image on your screen so much you need to keep a little piece of it as a reminder later? for inspiration, like? i have taken to this lately. so i'll share a couple.

here's one from good ol' youtube. the Hip remind me of high school, cottage fires and drinks, annual outdoor parties under the skies, and as always, summer love. so yah. and i just loved this image from one of the Hip's videos, from a great song that will always take me back to those summers 15 years ago. sweet. if we remember the music, we remember the times.

another couple. youtube as well. I have, and always will love great eye teeth. Corgan, Bowie, Jack Nicholson. All faves. I was walking down memory lane listening to some Smashing Pumpkins, thinking about university days of the mid-90's and BAM - there were some sweet pearlies flashing right in front of me.

loves it.
function+printscreen =inspiration captured foreva.
freaky friday man. sooo not my fault.

love your day


Evangeline said...

Billy Corgan, how could you not love him?
Great idea re: the screen captures. I still find myself in awe of all this 'puter stuff. The fact that we can share, capture, and manipulate images instantly, and have so much information right at our fingertips. I still get that kid in a candy store feeling sometimes, remembering the old days of hauling ass to the library whenever I needed to research something and waiting for film to be developed.

Red Shoe Artist said...

Great Stills..I've always seen images on screen that grab me, but I've never thought about actually capturing them in a still frame..good idea

Red Shoe Artist said...

I've given you an award.. you can pick it up here

superKez said...

so so so funny (and i mean funny weird not funny haha) we've been friends for so long now... and i have to read your blog to find out that you also love good eyeteeth. i've always dug people with that particular brand of chompers... and kinda secretly hoped that my own fangs would eventually force mine 'into position'... guess i'll keep waiting...


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