Sunday, July 5, 2009

before & after ♥ betty ♥

welcome to my first official before & after post!
i've been gathering pieces from *around* for what seems like forever.
working simultaneously on multiple pieces, stripping, sanding, priming, and making choices seems to have all been for naught for such a long time that i think i might actually be in shock from this first completion.

:: let's keep it simple ::
meet betty below. plus, see a breakdown of betty's makeover, below in pictures!

yay! for completion of projects

yay! for pretty robin's egg blue bedside tables!
yay! for betty !
(i knew she was under there all along)
:: oh! + stay tuned :: *dan* the kids rocker is now repaired and about to be primed!


Red Shoe Artist said...

Ahh she looks gorgeous girl

oldskoolkid said...

WOW!! You are very creative AND resourceful because I would have thrown it away lol.. It came out very nice!! love the top pattern!

Evangeline said...

Wow, Betty is gaw-juss! Great job!

Connie said...

Fabulous!!! I love it---you got me all inspired now....I recently rescued two homeless pieces of furniture myself...I love how you added the accent on top--mod podge is my hero! We've been friends since I was about five years old--putting together unicorn puzzles!

Peace & Love.

mchen said...

Eeee! Just found your blog — didn't know you had one! I love before & afters, and yours is particularly stunning. Great job!!! Betty rocks.

I have an old storm window that I want to strip and put mirrors in (instead of glass). Ever done something like that?

leel said...

thanks guys!! comments are so fun!

i have 2 others in mid-reno at we speak... hmmm maybe Ill have to update this blog with some pics.

plus, i have an entire garage full of found projects. my husband might lose it any day, so i gotta get going!


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