Wednesday, June 16, 2010

words from my mama wednesday

today's post is brought to you courtesy of my wonderful mom.
my mom e-mails me a couple of times a week from work, the only place she chooses to be online. sometimes they are cute puppies or a joke, sometimes just a hello. always great.
sometimes my mom also sends crazy stream of consciousness e-mails that make me laugh out loud. she reminds me where i get it from. perfect for blogging.
so, let's share then. first, to set the stage:

a) The Bub and I had gone out to dinner the evening before to celebrate our anniversary (four whole years!) and she was checking in from her desk at work the day after; and
b) my mom is a maniac cleaner. I sense it must be painful for her to come inside our house most visits.

ok. enter e-mail:

Subject: dinner

I was just wondering how your dinner went last evening. I was thinking of you as I cleaned my fridge within an inch of my life. I've got to do something about these cleaning urges. I'm running out of things to clean and organize. Oh..... my closet needs my attention.

that's it. all of it. awesome. i love my mom. i hope she focuses those cleaning urges THIS way. i should e-mail her about that.



Anonymous said...

still as funny as when you read it to me the other day. i'm gonna attempt a bike ride your way on friday. wish me (and my bike-ass) luck! k

knack said...

so funny:) moms are great like that!


leel said...

here's to moms! glad you both had a giggle. she will get a kick out of it when i tell her :) i hope i get more from her soon!

thanks girls!

gorillabuns said...

may i adopt your mother? though, she would probably disown me if she ever saw the innards of my fridges.

serenity said...

yes offering your place for her to clean is actually doing her a service =p seems like she is stressing about running out of stuffs to clean, and you, as a dutiful daughter are honour bound to help!

leel said...

@gorillabuns: Shana, I'm sure we could play a few rounds of "whose fridges are grosser" just the two of us. Can I send her C.O.D. for a few weeks ;)

@ser; Yes - you are exactly right. Totally selfless of me to offer, actually. It's like a huge favor I'm doing her, actaully. ;) if only! She's coming over tuesday to tackle my shed. ha!


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