Sunday, May 9, 2010

♥ mamas ♥

just a quick little post to say Happy Mother's Day to all people who act in a motherly way towards another thing; you mother and you sure matter.

and to my own mama, the woman i thank the universe for every day. thank you for your love.

here's to you!

with love, leel


Evangeline said...

Aw, sniff. Your mom is beautiful! And she must feel so lucky to have a daughter like you. xo

Anonymous said...

you look like your mommy!!
I hope she has a wonderful day.

mchen said...

Nicely put, k. Wow, that's a very lovely glamorous shot of your Mum!

leel said...

thanks so much girls! my mom had a wonderful day and is treasured every other day as well. rest assured!

@mchen - my mom would never approve of a random shot - she generally hates all pictures of herself so I took one from my wedding. I knew she would approve ;)

thanks for the love, again!


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