Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday (with a hint of challenge)

Music Monday seems like a nice theme to stick with. let's give it a whirl.
The Song I currently cannot get out of my head. the lyrics. the music. classic rabbit hole.
Astronautalis was introduced to me via Ryan from Pacing the Panic Room. Amongst his many talents, the guy has great taste in music. So far, his music tastes match mine exactly. Ok, his late discovery of Arcade Fire does leave me wondering, but it is a bit of an obscure Canadian band from Montreal, so he still gets bonus points. (Jab. That was a joke. My humor might not translate so well here. Don't hate me, brother Ryan. p.s I am not a stalker. I promise.) ANYHOO - Ryan is working on a charity album to benefit research for SMS. It is for his son. I will be posting later about this when the album is released. Ryan has been sharing videos of some of the artists that are involved in donating music for the charity album. Lucky us!
Enter, My Point: Ryan posted this video. I have listened to it at least 26 times since then, and am at the point where I now awake singing it. Writing this, and singing it. That bad. I love this song. Love it. So it only feels natural to share it here with you too. So you can sing it over and over and then want to really really want to buy the new charity album that comes out to see what they contribute. See how that works?
So, my challenge to you is to listen to this song twice, in a row, maybe while doing something else, and see if you sing it afterwards and want to go back and listen again. It's not so much the video itself, it's the music, the song, the lyrics. For me, i was sold between 00:49 and 01:20 on my first playthrough. I love that piece. So go, listen. Tell me I'm crazy, but try it and lemme know! Also, check out Ryan's blog. His pictures and words are magic.

i know its hopeless, hell ain't big enough to hold us back,
come on let's pick a fight, we hunt for trouble tonight



the rikrak studio said...

mmmm... i love the *tonight, tonight* refrain! thanks for sharing!

and your brother sound great - just like YOU!

leel said...

@ rikrak: thanks sweetie! *tonight tonight tonight* goes through my head all the time now - so catchy! And thanks for the sweet compliment. xo

The Panic Room said...

I have none Andy (Astro) for a good long while now, and I used to have him come in and DJ and rap on top of the bar that I worked at. You should hear this guy freestyle. Blow your lid off.

Thanks for the shouts about the album.

And... where did you get that I had just discovered Arcade Fire?

leel said...


thanks guy :) you saw my post!
I can only imagine how great that would have been to have him around randomly belting out his stuff at the bar. My mind would probably blow it's lid. I love shit like that!

It's my pleasure re: the charity album. It's going to be awesome, and I am happy to help raise awareness and funds for research. It`s important...

And the Arcade Fire thing? Am I right? I had seen a tweet that you wrote a couple weeks back about Rebellion (lies) being a great tune you liked... I ASS-U-ME-ed it was a recent discovery then. I remembered when I was writing this. I was impressed you found them since, well, a lot of Canadian bands don't ever reach the ears of the Yanks, especially down in FL. Upstate NY, maybe... So that's the story behind that jab. I may have been wrong :)

Thanks guy, always happy to plug your efforts.


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