Friday, July 16, 2010

it's ♥ I Forgot This Friday ♥ Again.

You know, I have to be honest. This second of the I Forgot This Friday posts is not something I forgot at all. Neither was the first. In fact, they are quite the opposite. They are the most exciting things going on in my little virtual world, and they are so sacred that I fear jinxing them with even an inaudible whisper. I hold them dear and close. I would package them up and put them in little lockets to have around my neck, within clutching distance, if I could. These are the things coming back to me as a result of my work. These are symbols and road signs to the place i call 'progress', I had hoped for, silently, fearfully, as i laid awake nights wondering what the future would hold for Me. And here we are. Where I have always dreamt of someday being, professionally and personally. Shhh. The shy artist in me is still bashful, and history tells me to be wary of unhatched foul. Baby steps. Shhh.

So, to the point. You remember my little creation (and current laptop table - I mean that, I'm sitting in my office using him, Blue Footed Bobby, right now!) I blogged about here? Well, technically, since his base is an Ikea table base he qualifies as an "Ikea-hack." Ikea Hacker is a blog about all the other things you can do with Ikea stuff. People from all over the world submit their projects to the blog and if they are accepted are then posted to the blog. After posting Bobby here it popped into my mind that I should take a chance and submit to them.

I did.

A few days later it popped up online and omg, the reaction has been incredible. I am still in shock at the response to my tables. Here is what I speak of. In a screen shot story time style.

The original Ikea Hack:

Which led to re-nest, a division of Apartment Therapy picking it up:

Which led to Life Hacker in Australia (affiliated with Pop Sugar)

Then Pianeta Donna in Italy featured both suitcase tables, Bambi & Bobby. (note translated text makes for weirdness.)

and then, finally, it also popped up on another more general site:

Can you stand it?!?!? WHO KNEW? And still, the excitement keeps building. I received a pretty cool e-mail yesterday about one of my posts. I'm super excited about it.I will be sure to forget about it and update you later. :)

So that's what I had forgotten to update. Never fear, there are more fun projects to come and of course more styles and designs of suitcase tables. They are really exciting to pull together. Any colour combo ideas? I need some fresh eyes kids, what colour combos would YOU personally like?

Thanks for all the patience. I am sucking at blogging these days.


ps: love you long time.


Evangeline said...

Keeley, this is just soooo exciting! Fantastic! Well-deserved!!!
It seems like so many good things are happening for you right now, and I am so happy for you!

leel said...

thanks so much E! things sure are exciting right now. your words of support always uplift me. you are such a,,, gerd! when are we gonna live in the same city/ neighbourhood/ tropical island art camp ?


Jacqueline said...

You are BRILLIANT. That's all there is to it! I love every bit of your design and am thrilled to know that you've started a Blue Footed Bobby sensation in blogland! Hope so much more loveliness comes your way. xx


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