Friday, July 23, 2010

a quick After post. another set of chairs!

The next project I decided to tackle in my apartment make-over design challenge was the dining area chairs. Julz had two chairs from Ikea that simply needed covers made for them. These two chairs were from different years with one being older and one brand new, still in the box. Slightly different in scale, but the exact same shape chair. It was super easy to cover these. Less than 3 hours to do both from start to finish. The fabric I chose matches the main colour of the room and the main palette chosen. The wood legs are light, just like the flooring and living room chairs. kinda comme ├ža:

I made sure the chairs were both apart, not assembled, so I could cover the back and seat sections separately and then assemble the chairs afterward. It was much easier that way and allowed for tucking and stapling fabric along the inside much easier. The secret, for me, is pinning. I pinned the fabric (wrong side out) on the chair back, smoothing and pinning the entire way around the edges, essentially giving myself a row of pins to follow on the machine when sewing. I carefully pulled the fabric off, sewed the side seams and then put it back on the chair to check for fit and to pin the corners down to create a boxed top and a defined edge for the sides.
Once I was happy with the corners at the top I again, slipped the cover off and sewed the flattened corners, making a neat tight boxed top thingy. (sorry, I'm not a pro. clearly.) I trimmed the edges, turned it right side out and put the cover on the chair. I then stapled the bottom edges to the underside of the chair with my super awesome electric stapler, and was done the back portion.

The seat portion was even easier. I KNOW. No sewing involved. Just me, a square piece of fabric and my stapler. I simply placed the fabric face down on the table, placed the seat face down on it, pulled the fabric up and over the bottom of the chair and stapled it to the inside edge. Making my way around, starting at the middle of each side, I continued with each side making sure to check for consistent tension and smoothness as I went. The corners were carefully trimmed, tucked and stapled and that was it, done. I re-assembled the chairs, and bam, that was it. SO EASY. In total I used about 2.5 meters of fabric. I purchased 3 meters, an still have lots left over for cushions and fun fabricy projects. yay!

So there you have it: A sneak peak of the dining area chairs. I just love how these have turned out and am anxious to see them in the final design!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful friday.


p.s. wanna see what project i'm working on right now? Check this out... Blog @ ya' later!


Anonymous said...

Oh i love these! The fabric you choose is beautiful. Isnt it just the best ..... creating beautiful places for people to live in?
I love doing it and i love watching what other people do as well <3

leel said...

@michelle! Hi sweetpea! So nice to have your input here. YES, I love creating homes out of simple spaces. It's so ... refreshing! I never thought this might be a path for me a while ago, but wow - it's so fun!
xx keeley

Evangeline said...

Lurve that chair! And I have almost the exact same ikea ones. They have heavy white canvas slip covers, which I like, but one is soon to be repurposed as a computer desk chair in the family room and I am thinking the white would take a BEATING. Your post has me inspired...but am I brave enough to try to make my own cover a la Leel?


Jacqueline said...

Snazzzy!!! Love the burst of colour you've zapped this chair with. Sounds like you're having a blast!

Mel said...

Your chairs are made of awesome!!!

mchen said...

Wowsah K, there is no end to your mad decorating skills!!! What gorgeous fabric, and a terrific job you did. Uhm... do you sleep?


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