Sunday, July 4, 2010

short, sweet & sketchy

The summer has landed! The summer has landed! And, yo, am I lovin it. Less blogging and more gardening, cleaning and organizing it seems. Woo hoo! Never fear, there are a tonne of new projects in the works to share. DIY funtimes, in fact.

For now I'll share some index card sketches. I use the back of a simple recipe card, a black marker and draw quick little sketches. They come from whatever I happen to be cycling through in my mind and serve as reference points for future work. I try and do at least one daily, but if I'm working on something else they often get tossed aside. Most are dated on the bottom and some have corresponding words on the back. Over the last couple of years I've collected quite a few of them. Hundreds. Wanna see?

ok then.
below are 2 sets of 4 individual sketches, for a total of 8. they wer picked at random and tossed on the scanner. fun!

(click image to enlarge)

So yah, that's a little tidbit to tide you over until I get to what's REALLY going on around here these days. Fun stuff.

More to come this week!



serenity said...


Evangeline said...

Really cool! Great way to explore line and composition.

leel said...

thanks girls!


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