Saturday, July 10, 2010

look! pretty flowers! a quick distracted update post

this is a distraction post. plain and simple. (bad capitalization to follow)
new projects are like tiny new baby chicks in my world.
I'm spending lots of time with my baby chicks.

dets? fair enough i suppose. I'm being weird and vague here.
some of you might want to sit down. I'm actually-for-real-this-time/finally starting a teenie tiny art & design business.* I KNOW! So much more on this later.

in addition to the excitement around that circus, I've had two different projects come my way.

1) I'll be in the credits of a short independent film! for set-design! over three weekends this summer I'll be working behind the scenes. In addition, one of my paintings is going to be IN the FILM. let me stop so you can think about that coolness for a second and feel my excitement. Ready, breathe: I. KNOW. RIGHT? I'm heading to the set for the first day of shooting after i press 'publish' on this bad-boy. i feel like i did the first day of summer school. That to me means good things, new things, new doors, and kinda awesome.

2) I've been hired by a new friend to design and execute her 1 - room apartment while she's away for 5 weeks volunteering in an eco-village and backpacking around Costa Rica. She has no time to do it herself and doesn't want to worry about it while she's gone so abracadabra do we have a plan! she's leaving me with her budget, some ideas and her keys. she wants a unique home to return to and entrusts that I will be able to deliver her that. I so can. I'm so excited. Blog away I will! DIY funtimes FTW!

That's it for now. Sorry 'bout that. I got a blog award and everything (!!!!) and I still have to find the time to get that big awesome post up. *slacker*

Enjoy your Saturday. If it's sucking, I'm sorry. Look at the blue sky and watch the trees for a minute to distract your brain. Helps me.

love you long time,


* teenie tiny now, watch out though, my plan includes world domination inside of two years. Don't say I didn't warn you. Just ask my cheerleader, Kristal. She's helping me get all my ducks in a row. (they wander)


Jacqueline said...

OooooEeeeee! VERY excited for you, Ms. Leel! Looking forward to seeing all those ducks bust out once they're all lined up. xx

leel said...

@jacqueline - thanks so much! darn wandering ducks :)

serenity said...

ahhhhh this helps explain some of your tweets lol. that's what i get for falling behind on your blogs xD


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