Sunday, March 7, 2010

Suckday. sorry, I mean, Sunday.

I clearly have the flu my pukey husband had for 2 days. Awesome. I should have known when I was still tossing and turning at 3am that emerged into a cold sweat and a spinny feeling I can only describe as hypoglycemic in nature, with sweaty shakes and an intense craving for sugar. I wish I had remembered the flu connection this morning when I was heaving (the pb&j crackers from last night's catatonic sugar-quest) into the sink while attempting to brush my teeth after sleeping in, late for my nephew's baptism. Awesome. TMI? Sorry. Such is life with a blogger. Well, this one. Anyway => I am at home posting this instead of being with my family at the after party; I mean, who wants a sick relative there spreading their ill yuck around? Not me.
My long-winded point? I am throwing down the Flu Card & stealing today; and pointing you insteadto a hilarious video introduced to me through a post by an awesome blogger, Adam Avitable. He just posted this Funny or Die video on his blog, and even though I am uncomfortable with nausea and general flu crankiness, it made me laugh. It will make you laugh too. Don't thank me, thank the flu, the fact that Avitable and I are both behind the times, and Avitable for posting it. Do you think I posted his name and linked enough (Avitable!) that he won't care that little ole me stole this from him? I think he'll understand. (hugs!)
Enough. Check out his post. Press play and laugh. Go ahead. We can talk after. I'll wait.

p.s. *Babar...* *tag, you're it* and *Can I be ambassador to Cancun?* were a couple of my fave lines. What are your faves? Do tell... It helps my flu, the fun does. Links to other funniness is also encouraged. :)


Heather Plett said...

Sorry to hear your sick and missing all the family fun. That DOES suck. :-(

LazyBones said...

Hope you feel better soon. We're all wrestling with sickness here too. No flu, just head colds galore. Are you getting any warmer weather up there? We've had a taste of spring and I can't wait for it to come full force! I hope the sickness moves on quickly and that you're back to normal soon!

Red Shoe Artist said...

Feel better lovely


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