Thursday, March 11, 2010

travelling journal; a peek!

I am in the basement with the laundry. It's been 2 days, this time. I loathe laundry enough to blog about it. Now, I'm going away in 4 days so I have little choice in the matter. I need clean clothes! So far, I've blown 4 fuses with the dryer. Our old little house needs rewiring. This does not help me like laundry any less. I am far away from my studio, 2 floors up. grrr...
I have no idea why I am telling you this.
I have something I can share artwise. Why not just get to that. Here we go.
The background: I have some friends online, my gerds I call them. They are some amazing women (ok, and guys) who I met on the Nerdfighter Ning site. Not familiar with Nerfighteria, as it's referred to by Nerdfighters, or the term Nerdfighters itself for that matter? I completely get that, the webs are vast and wide! So, I suggest you check out the vlogbrothers, as Hank and John Green are known on Youtube. They work to Decrease World Suck, embrace loving literature, music, Harry Potter and any general nerdy trait a body can have. I love them. Ok, background info aside. I must admit, I am not as active over there any longer. Once I decided to develop this little blog I dropped the ball over there. Still, I love the peeps and drop by from time to time to see what they are up to.
The gerds decided to do a travelling journal that we could then have bound and printed and then order for ourselves. I love that idea! I signed right up. So, I was 3rd on the list and received the amazing package of journal pages of those before me (Serenity & Evangeline!) in an amazing little folder constructed to hold the pages together as they travel the world. Holy wow! Awesome! What the frac can I create to be worthy of going into that folder?! AH!

I sat on the folder for 2 weeks. I know. I was to only have it for 3. I know. But I was brewing. I was working on figuring out what to do, what would represent me on paper. Ugh. I got intimidated. So I figured I would flip through some of my old sketchbooks and see if I could get inspired. I did! It worked! I found a couple images to use, pulled some old pages from an old dictionary I had bought with that very intent (I have a hard time taking any book apart), and got to it. So far, I have 3 or 4 layers done, but the two pages don't feel quite finished yet. I have until tomorrow to get them in the mail, so I thought I would share a couple shots here with you: I need to get these done and in the mail tomorrow.

See you tomorrow! Let's hope the laundry is done and the pages in the mail. I'll be sure to post some sneak peeks when they are completed.



Evangeline said...

So awesome Keel!!! I can't wait until I finally get to see these in the flesh!

leel said...

thanks e :) i can't wait to see the final, all together!!! so fun! it might not get into the mail until Saturday now :|

serenity said...

squeeeeeee awesome spoilers K!!!

and i sympathize re laundry. i am quite busy procrastinating doing mine right now lol.

Red Shoe Artist said...

Looking good Keeley. I did the art journal collab over at Gary's I think it's going to take years before it's finished. I was 4th on the list so I have a long time to wait.
Doing laundry sux.. I'm not good at it. I just throw them in and hope for the best.

NatureGeek said...

Woot! I can't wait to see this! I have no idea what I'm going to do... fortunately, I have some time to think about it.


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