Saturday, March 27, 2010

pics from a trip

a few, anyway.
I didn't take many. oops.

a) & b) hallendale beach, florida & c) the hotel pool

d) our suite on the cruise e) water below our balcony f) water g) out our balcony h) the boat used & the ferry used to shuttle us toGeorgetown, Grand Cayman

i) the water in Jamaica, j) the view in the morning, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica k) ocean sunset

Nassau, Bahamas

beautiful graffiti, nassau (and our ship in the background!)

beautiful graffiti, nassua



serenity said...

wow keel, i'm so so sorry, those pics really tell the tale--totally looks like you had a terrible time, what with all the blue waters and sunsets and gorgeous rooms--poor poor you ;P

soooo purty *sigh* yays for pics. i am so glad you had such a nice time! thanks for sharing :)

Red Shoe Artist said...

Nice pics Sista... next time take me with you! Please!

LazyBones said...

Wow, that graffiti is awesome! Your whole trip looks and sounds like it was a blast--I'm very jealous! Beautiful pics :)

mchen said...

Oh man.. that WATER! So glad you enjoyed yourself, k :)


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