Monday, April 6, 2009

a blog to share: pacing the panic room

quick - what the first blog you think of when you open your rss feeder?
which font do you hope to see bolded in the morning, or late at night when you feel like reading something witty, heart felt and usually pretty honest? with accompanying amazing photography?

pacing the panic room is that blog for me right now. has been for a few weeks. will be for quite a while, i suspect. as long as he keeps writing and posting his pictures, i'll be looking for that bolded font in my rss feed list each time i log on.

why, you ask?
hmmm. many reasons. let's see...

a) the weekly photography of his beautifully pregnant wife Cole each week, coupled with the tidbit of text beside each amazing photo series summarizing the weeks events and the growing belly, is breathtaking. i can't help but imagine what it would be like to have access to that type of intimacy over ones development and birth, now as an adult.

wow. more men should pay attention like this.

b) the weekly photography of his beautiful son* LB (referred to as the Littlest Buddy) each week, coupled with the thoughts that consume this couple and what the future holds for LB, who has had some hurdles along the developmental path they are trying to understand each day.

wow. more fathers should pay this much attention to their kids

c) the amazing writing. it's great. witty. writes like he talks. i like that. i hope to write as well some day. i also like to eavesdrop on the content, don't get me wrong. to see even a semi-functioning unconventional (or, now is it conventional?) family working through the valleys of co-parenting and co-loving a child is amazing to me. needless to say, i wish my parents could be so mature. and they are 30 years older. that might explain my interest here. yah.

wow. more people really should take the time to record their 'stuff'.

d) good content overall. check it out. you, my reader of one, will love it. i just know it.

wow. there are people out there who post cool stuff i like? nice.

so, if you haven't checked it out, here are the goods:

and a cool screenshot to lure you there

oh, and HE is Ryan Marshall. He is an amazing photographer IRL, so book him here:
he has a baby coming.

peace and love


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