Sunday, April 4, 2010

April Heatwaves Bring Early April Flowers? Is that the saying?

Wow: Um, question? Where has the time gone? It felt like it was winter, we went on our cruise, came home to no snow and crocus buds, and now it's like August out there. In early April? WTF universe? I tweeted something to the effect of "if I have to turn my air conditioning on in the month of April, then I call it: Apocalypse." I mean it. (And by Mean It, I mean I am only 15% kidding and 85% serious this time.) Ok, so, what I Mean is: if this weather continues, and the Swiss keep doing weird things that break new grounds for the entire field of Physics, I propose we sell our shit and travel the world together (blogging about it all as we go) until 2012, when we then just call it a day, sit back on the beach or ocean, and watch some weird galactic shit take place. And if it doesn't end? We become expert freedom travelling journalists or some junk or publish books about the whole weird experience or something. It would be awesome! It'll be fine... Win, Win, Win. Who's in?

Seriously though, the Air Conditioning thing, it was a close call 2 nights ago, kids. I was forced to pull out the oscillating (and very creaky and annoying, I might add) floor fan. With 82 degree weather 2 days in row, the house was humid and warm. In April. In Canada, don't forget. I went to bed with straight hair the first night, tossed and turned all night long, and got up with curly hair. Now, I am known to be a tad of a night sweats person to begin with, but never this early, it was seriously, just like August this entire weekend. Nice. I have loved every second, don't get me wrong, but it is weird. Easter weekend in New Brunswick, when I was growing up in the 70's and 80's at least, usually included snowbanks and winter coats. Very different from today, is my only point.
So, where have I been? My excuses include that I've been busy working away cleaning up the junk that constantly blows into our yard, raking and cleaning up the yards and uncovering the plants and fleurs in the gardens (see picture below), busy finishing my 2 journal pages for my nerdfighter traveling journal project, busy working with a film festival, and busy reading for my little book challenge. You know, general spring/life busyness.

With the wonderful weather comes time to get to upcycling some more suitcases. I have pulled them out and gotten some Before shots and am looking very forward to finding time to get some actual sanding, priming and painting going on. I have an Art Deco sort of buffet-thing in the garage awaiting a nice sanding and fixing up. It will be going into our ever-evolving living/dining room we have. I hate the layout. This piece of furniture (fingers crossed) will help solve some of the *issues* I keep having with that, and be something fun to blog about. My point: stay tuned for some creative fun!

Now that I have shipped off the traveling art journal pages to the next contributor, I can get back to focusing on some new journal pages in the Upcycled Journal I shared a while back. I love this journal. I love working in. I love that each page is different. Fun. This in turn has led to new inspiration to move from journal to canvas and I can feel a new series starting to peek through the fog. I am excited to move back to larger scale pieces and will be sure to share some once they show themselves.

What else? Busy with family, enjoying life after vacationing, and hanging with one special little man I talk about sometimes on here. My 3 year old nephew. I love every stage, but 3 & 4 for me are the best. I love this age. My nephew is no exception. Smart, thoughtful, polite, hilarious, and somewhat of an old man since birth don't even begin to describe the personality of this kid. He is adorable. People stop in stores to listen to his chatter. He never stops making me smile. Today was no exception. He and I had a wonderful time playing in the park near where my uncle jj & mom live while visiting for easter. He was quietly playing with a new tractor thing while I took the opportunity to snap and snap away as he figured this new toy out in the sand. It was quiet and warm in the sun, sitting there together, and I smiled to myself for this time with him. As he drove his tractor he turned his tiny body around so we were facing one another. He looked at me and said "auntie keeley? Can we stay here forever?" I said to him "Levi, if I could somehow make it so we could stay here forever, I would." And I meant it. What a blessing children are. Never under-estimate what impact they might have on a member of the family. I mean, check him out? See that? That sweetness?
Yup, I am ruined. What a gift.

I hope you all enjoy your days as spring (and or/summer!)/(or fall for my Aussie friends!) arrives. What a great time of renewal and growth Spring is. I love it!



anymommy said...

He has incredible eyes. I'm jealous of your heat wave. My kingdom just to turn the heat off in April. Small hope.

Red Shoe Artist said...

Your life sounds full and fanstastic... whatever you're doing, keep asking the Universe for more... great post!

Evangeline said...

What a great blog post Keeley, like a breath of Spring air! Your nephew is boo-tee-full! And hey, I didn't wear gloves this morning! So yeah, early Spring here too.

Re: the plan... I'm in. :)

leel said...

@anymommy: i feel your pain. this is very weird for us. i would be jealous of us too, if i were still in boots and mittens! thanks for popping by! I kinda wish we were neighbours!

@red: thanks sista. You are right - just keep asking!

@E: Thanks sweetpea! He is a keeper, that's for sure. He's tiny too, so that doesn't hurt the adorable factor at all! Yay for no gloves! & yippee for The Plan! Awesome! lol...

thanks guys, i do love your love :)

mchen said...

Ohh, I can't wait to see your DIY projects. Suitcases??? I still want to make a couple of storm windows into mirrors, if you're up for showing me :) And boy, your nephew is adorable — very clever eyes. I'd stay there forever if I could too.

serenity said...

aws -what a cutie pie--being an auntie ftw

as for beer can garden...don't think that will actually grow, but heck one can experiment :P


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