Sunday, April 11, 2010

daily horoscope or new mantra?

:: spring ::

there was a time when i followed my horoscope. there came a time i abandoned it, not wanting to think about all the workings, the possibilities of bs, or not.
today i saw this, and instead of deleting the e-mail upon receipt like i usually do, i took a glance at what it had to say. I thought it was worth posting, and sharing. Because regardless of who you are, and what day it is, i think it applies to us all each and every day. I love it!

Your dream projects are moving a little closer to reality today -- but only if you provide the motivational force. You shouldn't fear rejection or disbelief, and most people are ready for nearly anything.

happy sunday!


Nicole : Three By Sea said...

Love it! So appropriate for us creative/entrepreneurial folks!

serenity said...

niiiiccccce :)

leel said...

thanks Nicole & Ser :) I keep going back and re-reading it. It might be a journal page soon! Fun!

Jeff said...



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