Monday, April 19, 2010

Music Monday :: Movie Magic

In my quest for inspiration and understanding of all things creative process related, I like to watch documentaries and read biographies of visual artists. Georgia O'Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Emily Carr, Andy Warhol, Klimpt, The Group of Seven et al. were all read about in the early days. Now, thanks to the internerd, I can search for all things art & process related and find an inspiration rabbit hole on the processes of artists globally any time I want! Yippee! That pretty much means that I have something always playing in the background while I work away in the studio or kitchen.
Enter: Meaning of this post.
Last week I found this little gem of a rockumentary, It Might Get Loud, online On Demand and pressed play. Having not seen the trailer and without any knowledge of the film itself I was unsure of what was to come. I loved it. I turned it up, stopped, rewound and re-watched segments and felt the hairs on my neck stand up at least a half-dozen times. And OMG, the opening scene? Let me just say that making something from nothing is something I appreciate, something that motivates me as an artist so my mind pretty much blew after 20 seconds in. Little did I know, the best was yet to come. Here's a nice little visual summary for the senses on what the hell I am yammering about.

Maybe it meant so much to me and is stuck in my brain days later because I have seen U2 (twice) and The White Stripes live in concert, heard and felt the power behind the chords of The Edge and Jack White, 2 of the 3 artists in question, but I don't think so. I just loved seeing their faces as they played, talked and watched each other perform. The bliss of creating. The craziness of process, the world of sound behind the curtain. I don't care who you are, when you hear the opening to the streets have no name, you feel something. It might be nostalgia, it might be joy, but it's definitely something. After hearing it live, twice (I know. don't hate me!) I am sure of it. Did I mention I may or may not have developed a very large pounding crush on Jack White? Yah. I know.
One final thing before you run off and excitedly talk to google and find it for yourself: Inspiration. I love, seek and treasure inspiration. I find it all over the internet. One reason I decided to share this here is to share this little bit of inspiration that resulted from the rockumentary in question. I short piece that made me smile. I hope more artists share their ideas, methods of their madness and that the film industry continues to make great films like this. Inspiration is infectious.


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