Monday, April 26, 2010

Music Monday :: Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker

I had heard their name but never attached the music I had heard to them. Not until recently, anyway. I kinda dig their sound. They are Canadian, from the GTA. Referred to as USS, these 2 make musical magic.

Take a listen to Laces Out, the first single off of USS' (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) latest album, Questamation. It's in my head as I type this, so let's go with it. A little brass in the mix, and I'm hooked. I'm such a sucker for a brass sound. My grandbuddy would be proud.

Next up, one you may have heard, Hollowpoint Snyper Hyperbole, from their first release Welding the C:/. I think of New Order when I listen to this.

Maybe you've heard this one or simply remember the title, pornostartrek? Also worth a whirl.

So that's what's going through my mind, music wise, these days. That and all the other Music Monday subjects.

Lemme ask: what music is cycling through your brain on this fine day? I need some new music while I work on 2 new vintage suitcase tables. Yes, TWO! I am so excited and on the hunt for the perfect legs for them. More to come.

Happy Music Monday!



Jeff said...

On my mind....."What A Difference A Day Makes" Eartha Kit.....Vintage....

Suburban Sunrise said...

Great tunes. Pornostartrek is my preferences musically out of these USS tracks.

These guys put on a crazy live show too! We played a couple shows with them a while back. Between the blender and Human Kebab's frantic use of every inch of floor space, they really boost the energy better than most bands with two to three times the members.

Much Love!
Suburban Sunrise


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