Wednesday, April 7, 2010

:: one for the records ::

The Cruise. I have been home from The Cruise (& best vacation of all time) for over 2 weeks now. I know, so shut up already. It's just that this was such an amazing trip, my first in multiple areas, so I can't quite seem to shake it. The nice thing about travelling with so many people is the friendships that spark up as the week progresses. There was a few of the association staff that I got to know and adore, we ate together, played together and travelled about as a pack. Many cameras were toted. I lovingly received a whole batch (being 233) pictures from one of said crew who works with the bub, this morning. Holy wow, I was in a whole wack of pictures. I usually escape behind the camera, so I'm not terribly used to actually looking at myself. So, I have been able to relive The Cruise all day long.
I also promised I would share some of ME. I chose 3 of the 12 or so of me alone, that hide my face. Awesome! And my hair is vacation crazy (think Monica in Friends).
Here goes. I'm shy. Be nice.

:: in the bahamas (duh) getting ready to swim & be freaked out with the stingrays ::

:: chillaxin' in the bahamas. it's true. it IS better there. ::

:: Caribbean Night & dancing under the stars on the ocean. Not pictured: one dancing jamaican bobsledder. true story. I know! ::



darrah said...

Your vacation sounds amazing! I'm dreaming of sunshine and can't wait for the warmth to arrive in Seattle.

I particularly love the first picture!

Red Shoe Artist said...

Honey you're gorgeous, stunning, beautiful and if I were a man, I'd be all over you... love yourself! I give you permission

Red Shoe Artist said...

If you don't believe me, ask the bub

Naturedigital said...

You had a great time as it looks..
Beautiful photographs.

Evangeline said...

I can almost see your pretty face...almost...
That looks like quite the vacation.

Stellan said...

Awesome! Glad to hear you had a blast. Love the pics. Smiles:)

leel said...

holy wow! you guys are all so sweet *blush*. thanks for stopping by and leaving me so much love. you are the best!

Naturedigital said...

Thank you for your visit and your nice comments Leel.
And i will look for the book you have recomended.

serenity said...

you look so HAPPY! yays--however...i disapprove of this whole picking the pics that hid your face-where is the face of the keel???

glad these little reminders of all the funness keep cropping up to keep you in that state of being :D


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