Thursday, April 15, 2010

next best thing: instant love?

Today I saw a tweet by someone famous pimping Nikki & Rich and their song Next Best Thing, this amazing duo/band. I listened and fell for their modern throwback style and sound about 15 seconds in. If you like brass in your music, you will especially love the 2nd (live) video of Cat & Mouse. Maybe I'm predictable, your typical lemming, following the masses. I think I might be behind the eight ball on this one, but it's stuck in my head now so share away I will.
Why do I see a Gap commercial in the future? Why does that make me angry? Enough already! Watch!



firstofmany said...

I like the sound, but I didn't like the lyrics of "The Next Big Thing". Thank you for sharing your music Keeley. I am still grovin' to the Sarah Harmer, Lodestar video.

leel said...

hi FOM! Thanks for the comment.
i kinda like the lyrics; nice and strong for a change, but i get your point, they aren't THAT awesome, more the sound.

Isn't Sarah Harmer awesome! Glad you like that one. It's an ALL time fave of mine. Yay for music fun!

Jeff said...

Missing my daily input of Keeley


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