Friday, April 3, 2009

♥ an artistic ethical debate: artist vs old books ♥

i keep flip flopping back and forth on this one
this little debate i keep having with myself
to use old books as art, cut and used in art, as a part of my statement as an artist
to hold and covet and love the books as they are
perfect and beautiful and wonderful to fondle, escape and nap with?

i keep collecting books as i scour junk shops
always with the intent to use them in my art
but with most of them, i can't bare to alter their wonderful perfection
so, this morning i have considered the options and have come up with this plan:
  • keep collecting: use a couple of not-so-rare gems in some multi-media pieces
  • sell the treasures i don't so much love, because someone will
  • and keep everything that i find that makes me squeal outloud (sounds reasonable). this method is similar to the dream/shoe test. dream/shoe test you ask? well.... if you dream about a pair of shoes after seeing them, and they are there the next time you go - they are yours to buy. guilt free.

totally reasonable system. there we have it. done and done.

so, onto the funstuff!
i found this little bag of 3 old books all packaged and stapled together for $2.99
i had no idea what was inside, but knew they were old and little: faves!
i was delighted when i opened the bag up...

the dark embossed cover one is an old french catholic prayer book
by Hugo H. Hoeverfrom from1948 (approx. value $20?)
i included a scan of the inside as well; amazing iconography, in particular, of this page**

the other 2 beige ones are from the 'blue book' series. (go figure) sorta the coles notes of the 30's aimed at the uneducated. i love how the 'history of sculpture' is imageless.(again, go figure) interesting methods.
#67 is dated 1924 inside
#466 not dated, but must have been in the 30's
so on the conservative side, $40 worth of beautiful old books for $2.99

what treasures!
now, do you see my dilemma?

** if you would like a scan of this, in better quality for your own use, let me know and i'll be happy to e-mail it to you. drop me a line!


Evangeline said...

Look at that! Great minds thinking alike and all that.
I love altered books and/or text and images as ephemera in mixed media...but the sacrilege of wreckin' a book???!!! I bought this old Toulouse Lautrec book a couple of months ago, thinking I could deconstruct it in some way and use parts of his wonderful poster images in some new art...nuh uh. Couldn't do it. Even though the book was ratty and cheap. Nope it's now up on my shelf in all it's tatty glory for all eternity.

That beautiful Catholic prayer book, I know I could never touch. But it would make such wonderful art...

Dilemma indeed!

leel said...

i know. since they fall in the little/cute/squeal category, they can stay. i also found some others recently, so i'll be sure to post those in the next couple days.

bookgeeks ftw!


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