Wednesday, April 8, 2009

homemade things are the best

as you may have noticed, reader of 1, i've been stumbling my way through learning (the free opensource, downloadable, image software) gimp not so bad, huh? looking around...

i wanted to be able to pretty things up a bit and expand my design and editing skills. i'm lovin' this for now! i may go to a 3-column blog, just not sure yet. baby steps...

now, the question that keeps popping up in my mind, as i sit here, looking at my 1/2 hung shelves (ahem...more on that later...) is:

how am i ever going to translate all i actually do, make, and am, into a fair representation of myself in blogform?


has anyone else wondered this as they contemplate crossing the great digital divide into blogland? anyone like me out there who likes a really compartmentalized life of very seldom-overlapping spheres that divide neatly into work, play, home, friends, relationship/family?

how do you be all the yous you are to all the people out there, and still be just you? gawd. maybe it's not crossing the digital divide that's the issue, perhaps it's me and my way of living that needs a shakeup. nah. well maybe. i guess i've always been like that, so yes, i could use some work in that area. merging lives. i just shivered. i digress.
sitting in my 3/4 reorganized little office studio here, i keep looking at all the little bits of paper collecting around me, these things i needfully rip out of newspapers, magazines, or print & cut out, when inspiration makes me. what happens to them? those true little sources of what makes me tick and propels me to the next idea? where do they fit?

ok. i think i have it all figure out. here we go.

i have decided i will do some roughed up journal-style layouts; use a background from my journal for the pieces inspiring me, scan in and post them once a week. a little bulletin board type pieces from my life. i can also use up some little embellishments i seem to collect and never use. i am no scrapbooker.

so this will be cool, fun.

i get to organize all my little pieces from around the studio, journal some more pages, do some scanning fun, edit in gimp, and post the result as something uniquely representative of me each week, on this blog.

many birds, one stone, ftw!
so here is peek at how i envision this idea!
i really hope you like it. enjoy!
bottom left: sweet card (free to print off!) and winner of littlebrownpen's contest (inspired by the now famous "keep calm & carry on" posters issued by the monarchy during the depression); top left corner and right bottom corner: daily abstract index inspiration cards from jared knight's online abstract class i just finished top right: a fuzzy widdle chick from somewhere & 2 random flower stickers, all on a chalk pastel drawing in my journal

have a lovely day



Evangeline said...

I love the weekly page idea.

And I guess I haven't really given much thought to how to represent my entirety on my blog. I'm so new to blogging, I guess I figure I''ll just let it flow and see where that takes me. :)

Evangeline said...

BTW You should post this link under "check this out" on Sage Nerdwarriors, so the other gerds can come and check it out too (if you're feeling ready for more exposure?). They're going to be sad to miss out on all this artful awesome.

Anonymous said...
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