Tuesday, April 7, 2009

late night round up. with a cute dog who has some major homework

this is josie. josie is sleeping beside me as i type this. josie is always happy. she emits love. so much so that the hair has worn off the 'sides' of the tip of her tail. she's a close sitter. a lick sneaker. and the best cuddler in town. the truth hurts. sorry. we call her dodo.

unfortunately, dodo is not great at anything other than constant needy love seeking (really guys? can i not just be in the washroom alone?) and neither are her other pet siblings, frank the dog, and the cats iggie & harper. (we're a well rounded bunch.) so, i keep telling the pets they need to pick up some of the slack around here... pull their weight. giving them the 'these are tough times and we all need to make sacrifices etc' speech has done nothing.

case in point. my office. omg. i have to be honest so that i get off my ass and get this done. to be fair, i have done a tonne already, however the shelves have been on my list WAY too long for my comfort. it needs to get past phase deux already so i can get moving and make some of the damn art that's clogging my brain and what feels like every pore in my body these days. it appears i've been holding out for nightime shoemaker/studio shelf hanging elves, and boy has that not panned out.

or i'm procrastinating... one or the other.

so i'm posting this, the one side of my studio/office that still needs to be tackled. so i get it done. nice. i need to intentionally humiliate myself to get motived. well josie is no help, let me tell you. dodo likes to nap as much as i do.

damn elves.

updates, to end the humiliation, to come.
i assure you.

hug your pets & kids

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