Saturday, April 4, 2009

gimp: fun tool, funny word, and i admit, i'm new to it. hmm.

anyone who knows me well can tell you a couple of things that i am especially geeky about. 1 being words, the other being art and photography.

i love all things art and image, with my fondest memories reaching back to summers with my grandmother, on the shores of shediac beach outside of moncton new brunswick, painting rocks. cameras too have always a fascination of mine. i collect them now, surprise, surprise.

as i think back i remember polaroids as a constant (i have three to this day), flashbulbs, round disk film for flat index card sized cameras in the 80's and then my original nikon slr 35mm i got for christmas when I was 16 for my highschool photography class. learning to develop and print my own film was a dream and those classroom skills i learned invaluable, something i'm so glad i got the chance to learn before technology invented dollar store digital cameras. not to knock digital - that's the whole reason i started this post in the first place - yay gimp! - in fact, i have 3 digital cameras that i love and keep around, to choose between depending on what i'm up to. my little pocketsize sony has been too many places to list and has taken some of the best pictures i have ever taken, my canon takes great quality + little videos, so the bub uses it when he feel the urge to shoot a pic or two. then there is my nikon, my digital slr, i love it. love love love it. my husband (the bub) got it for me 2 christmases ago, and needless to say it's a gem. so that is why i'm giving in and taking the time to learn gimp. so i can take this whole thing to a new, prettier level!

gimp, for those who are not sure what i am rambling about, is a free, opensource application that is essentially the same thing as photoshop. you know, that wonderful expensive graphic and photo application that you pretty much need to know these days.

i have been using picassa, a free google photo editing application, for all my edits for years now. it's been great. push button editing at your fingertips. love it. but now i need to be able to do more. i need to create digital images, not just edit them. so i decided to learn gimp. i'm confident that with the power of the internet, in particular youtube at my fingertips, i can figure out pretty much anything. so far so good.

the added bonus? and i get to type and say gimp a lot. hahaha. the bub is going to love that. he says i get all ocd and say specific words just because i like them. i agree. some words are just fun to say! and make me giggle. gimp. hahaha.
i'm so 12.

the moral of this post is to let the reader of one know that the layout will be much prettier soon. with some sort of branding and style, i assure you. as i get some more gimp under my belt i'll be creating a logo, banner etc. for the blog(s), so stay tuned! technology is good. if this blog continues to be a bland unedited template for much longer you will know it is not going well. fingers crossed.

with that little tidbit out, i will now leave you with a photo taken last week out on the ottawa river. hopefully it will be the last to be edited in picasse. what a rabbit hole this will be. wish me luck!

have a great sunday


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