Wednesday, April 8, 2009

no, my shelves are not up yet.

i found something way more fun than that, over at poppytalk if my memory serves me correctly. so now i have to share: a great artist who you will love to check out. so many people i know will love this amazing colour palette and style. her name is Stephanie Levy.

here's a supersleuth screenshot of her etsy shop

she is an american artist based in munich germany, and her etsy shop and blog are celebrating their one year anniversay. so, you know, you might want wander through her etsy shop of amazingly affordable prints and see some really great, accessable, art. check out her blog and see what cool artist she has interviewed as of late. wish her a little congrats on her anniversary. very nice indeedie. cool stuff, huh? oh, and to top it off, for every item sold through Earth Day, April 22nd, she will be donating $1 to Greenpeace International. As Stephanie says "every bit helps!"

so cool.
but wait. there's more.
there is a free draw for one of her amazing prints!
i know...

simply check out her amazing artwork on her etsy shop and then scoot over to her beautiful blog and tell her which one you love the most. her daughters will be picking a name on Easter morning, so you have until Saturday night (April 11) to get your name in on the fun.

can it be that simple?
ok, it might sound simple, yes.

i dare you to pick only one you love. triple dog dare, in fact.
myself, i wandered through the pages at least 3 times. i favorited about 10 pieces. that's a tonne for me. I think my mom might love one of these little gems for mothers day in may.

now you see why the shelves are still in the same spot as last night?

enjoy, kidlets


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