Thursday, April 2, 2009

for the ♥ of beards, get printing!

just had to run over to share the love of the build a beard workshop
i mean, just check out this random screenshot - awesome?! me thinks YES!

how can you NOT want to participate?
how fun would it be to get your whole office to do this!
i think that would be a great team building exercise! if i worked in an office, that is. luckily i have some friends who do.

all you need to do is:

download/print one of the many beards available

cut out said beard (me, i think che...)

wear said beard while posing for a picture, then

send that pic to the build a beard workshop and voila - $1 donated to

...promise to post mine. promise. i do!
hmmm... wonder if dogs count. i'm gonna give it a shot.
...husbands do for sure.
and yes, those pics will be added too


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