Wednesday, April 1, 2009

♥ etsyporn, videolove: Little Brown Pen ♥

Craftynest, a blog I JUST found in the last 30 seconds, just led me to this awesome little etsy shop Little Brown Pen.

not only is the name adorable, their page is so cute it makes me squeal like i'm 4, AND their printable product line is both amazing and affordable!

a little screenshot of their etsy page

as well - they put together one sweet little stop motion animation last november, just in time to help promote their etsy shop for the upcoming holidays

for a shop that only opened in August of 2008 (that's 8 full months, today) they have had more than 2500 sales. i so applaud them. what great marketing and promo. nice.

(note to self: use time wisely. make stop motion animation in 'spare' time for upcoming etsy shop. HA!)

and am now off to place my 1st order ♥
honestly. my family will love their little easter gifts this year!

the cherry on top?
free stationary to print! you can get the link to the pdf on the etsy site, or their blog

i know? does the love ever end?
apparently NOT!

loves it.

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