Tuesday, May 4, 2010

creativity update

Creativity has been alive and well in these parts since the arrival of the early spring. My process involves brainstorming, contemplating, logistics, multiple phases and rest periods. This works well for me since I like to work on a variety of projects at a time. When one project is ending, I contemplate the beginning of a new one entering the circle. None of this 'start one thing, don't put it down or work on anything else until it's completed' for me. I just don't work that way. i need to step back from a piece continually before it's completed. Fresh eyes are mandatory.

So what's the creative cycle look like for me right now? Something like this:

One small vintage suitcase table transformation nearing completion, but in need of the *perfect* legs. I will know them when I see them in my treasure hunts this week. Patience is key. I always find what I want, I just need to keep looking.

One vintage travel case conversion. I see this little guy with striped sides soon, and a fancy shiny top. I might like him as-is, without legs since he looks like a perfect little traveling art supply tickle trunk. Much better than the mandarin crate I drag around the house right now. I'm sure my husband will agree. So this is what it looks like now, with a base coat of gloss black.

One large vintage suitcase table in decision making mode. I love the green base coat, just thinking about what colours to use as accents and where/how I will use them. I'm not sure if I'm going to stripe this one or make the sides and top contrasting colours. Like I said, decision mode.

one pencil drawing practice exercise. I really want to work on my drawing skills and then move them into paintings. I don't do this enough. I find myself interested in honing some of those skills I've put on the back shelf for so long. I'm really enjoying the quiet simplicity of pencil and eraser, I must admit.

As well, there is the ever present ponder able buffet piece in my garage awaiting repair and a final sanding before I stain it (black!) and move it into the (awkward) main floor. I am still on the hunt for the perfect hardware for it. This is turning into a hunt of it's own. Stay tuned!

So that's what I have been up to creativity wise. I am having a blast between these guys and the gardens. I will be updating with some pics about my spanktastic b-day and the gardens later this week.

Thanks for popping by & Happy Tuesday!



Red Shoe Artist said...

Looking good Keeley...

Anonymous said...

love, love, love it all! especially the silver stripes in the first pic.
<3 wez

firstofmany said...

Is the hardware painted the same color as the travel case? it's so shiny I can't tell if it's black or silver! beautiful! I love having my travel case on the back of the toilet with extra shampoo and other supplies that don't need to be visible. it gives me the feel of being ready to go at a moments notice and happy that i have had a chance to do a little traveling.

leel said...

thanks girls! your comments do make me happy.

@fom, sorry for the brutal pic. it's painted all glossy black, including hardware. it has lots of little nicks in it, so I think I might cover the sides in something else.

I'm so glad to hear you are using yours - you mentioned something about it before. That's a great use for it! I keep seeing mine with little legs and a big fern popped in the opened top sitting in my bathroom as well. we'll see.
ideas ideas!


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