Friday, May 14, 2010

drawing comfort

When I feel a funk surround me I try and keep my brain occupied. Episodes of Top Chef online provide the neutral soundtrack for the day. Drawing keeps the other nattering parts busy too; distracted, it seems. My natural tendency is to draw circles. My new Sakura gel markers were a natural progression. Pages of circles. For me it's fulfilling in a completely pointless, non-functionary way. Comfort doodling, if you will.

Care to share? What do you comfort doodle?



Mel said...

I love you doodle! Is it on red paper?? I'm mesmerized. I'm going to have to try this myself.

E did a red one thats amazing, in response to all the ick in the world.

2 amazing red arts from 2 amazing nerd friends in one day. cool.

Suzie Ridler said...

Love Top Chef and your artwork!

Evangeline said...

Keel, this is gorgeous! You make even "comfort doodles" into high art. Byoo-full!

I haven't stress doodled, but I do stress paint. Something about the squishy, tactility of paint on paper, very soothing to me.

leel said...

thanks so much for all the comment love you guys :)

@mel - it's on dark brown paper, and the colors are a it odd in the scan i posted. the pinky parts are more purple IRL. Damn technology...
thanks for the mention of E's work - I went over right away to see it - awesome!

@Suzie - thanks for venturing over girlie! I KNEW you woud approve of Top Chef :) it's inspiring, that's for sure! oh, and thanks for the sweet compliment re: my artwork.

@E - thanks sweetpea - stress painting is also very fun and a great reliever. Must get back to that too. Ideas brewing!

thanks again all!

serenity said...

cool arting!

Chrissy Johnson said...

Saw you on Girls Gone Child and love, love love your blog name. I doodle and paint circles, too. It's a calming, "love is a circle, it has no beginning and no end" type of thing, I guess.

mchen said...

This is actually really beautiful, k — and yes, scanners won't be able to capture that gel-ness of it, especially if there's anything shiny or metallic.

As for your pb cookies, I may just try that one of these days. Not for me (since I don't touch the stuff... in fact, pb gives me the willies), but for my husband, who loves it. Thanks for sharing :)


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