Thursday, May 20, 2010

short & sweet: 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies. i know.

The other night my sweet food choices were down to a spoonful of jam or a spoonful of peanut butter. Neither would do (i am no joey) and I had a serious hankering for something yummy. Enter three ingredient peanut butter cookies. The back of the jar recipe is what it is, actually. I was fondling my large jar of kraft creamy pb when I noticed the recipe. I was super skeptical. 3 ingredients? Really? How am I going to hand roll balls from a mixture of only 3 ingredients? What a nightmare I envisioned. My main concerns were about texture: what about the flour, the brown sugar yumminess?

Well, let me tell you, these are the best peanut butter cookies I have ever made. I know. Who knew? They remind me of my childhood. The cookies I used to eat back then. And only 3 common ingredients. And they cook in 15 minutes! Moist, peanuty and perfect size cookies. I love them and fully recommend them for peanut butter cookie lovers.

Here is the recipe:
Heat oven to 325.

Mix together...
1 cup peanut butter,
1/2 cup sugar, and
1 egg
...until well blended.

Roll a spoon sized amount into a round ball, placing each 2" apart on a cookie sheet. Flatten with a fork.
Bake for 15 minutes (do not over bake), allow to cool a few minutes and place on a rack or plate to cool. Place cooled cookies in a sealed container for fresh cookies for days. If they last that long! Yields 24 (2 dozen) cookies.

I keep thinking of how awesome cashew butter or almond butter might be as well. Yum!



oldskoolkid said...

Hey Leel! Nice post, I guess life (and food) in it's simplest form REALLY are the best. :)

P.S. A SPOONFUL of JELLY?? Blech. But YES to many, many spoonfuls of peanut butter! :D Just don't forget the milk. Haha!

firstofmany said...

This is my favorite pb cookie recipe. I found it on a box of sugar years ago. I've added coconut, oatmeal and chips -- chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and every other sort of chips I could find. These cookies SCREAM got milk.

P.S. I like to make them on parchment paper because they are a little fragile coming off of the hot cookie sheet. With the parchment I just lift the paper and let them color on the counter.

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, that really is simple isn't it? I love it when food helps us time travel like that. Maybe I'll take a groovy trip back to my peanut butter cookie memories too?

Nicely done! Beautiful photograph.

leel said...

thanks guys! your comments are so fun!

@kid: simples seems to work best, and yes, these cookies need multiple glasses of milk :)

@FOM: I'm so glad you shared your ideas and own yumminess with this recipe. I will definitely be giving your ideas I try!

@suzie: thanks, my foodie inspiration! They really did bring me back. food ftw!

serenity said...

fom told me of this recipe although i messed it up the first time (yes i know, how did i manage that *sigh*) i have more ingredients now, and i think your post has prompted me to try try again!!! NOM

serenity said...

btw feel free to make these for me when you come to visit my cottage xD ( you know, when i get one lol)


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