Sunday, May 2, 2010

night whites

the flowers around the yard this spring are all early.
the crabapple tree blooms as i type this, the first time for my birthay. i love it.
i have a lot of white in the back gardens; a night garden effect, they call it.
the whites shine bright at night, allowing the gardens that line the yard to come alive from our deck in the darkness.
i love photographing white. i just do. the colours that emerge and reflect when you look deeper always surprise and delight. here are a few i have been playing with. i can't stop looking at them!




happy sunday!



Evangeline said...

These pictures are breathtaking! Wow.

leel said...

thanks e :) i am rather enjoying the flowers this spring! can you tell?

Mel said...

Wow. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, and off I go to find some whites to snap!!

Red Shoe Artist said...

Happy Birthday Sista! I hope everything was about spoiling you rotten and being treated like a princess... Big hugs to you..

Oh and nice flowers

leel said...

Hi Mel & Suze! I had a wonderful wonderful birthday and weekend. Thanks so for the comments on the pics! Isn't technology fun ?!


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