Tuesday, May 25, 2010

before & after: buffy the buffet is a beau-ty!

buffy, before

I acquired Buffy through rather dark circumstance. Buffy had been built by an old co-worker/ friend's husband. Their divorce and scenario required drastic reduction of belongings; Buffy was heading to the curb. She knew I was into finding furniture and upcycling. I just couldn't let that happen so I lovingly piled her into another friend's trailer, told her & her sweet daughter I might refinish it but that if she ever wanted it it was hers, always. They told me it was mine. I'm not sure if she'll ever want it back. That was last summer. She's been parked in my garage ever since and was on my mind all winter long. I loved it's shape and size. As it turned out, it also fit that perfectly awful *nook* thing in my living room that I hate. It would now become an excellent spot for storage. Perfection. My only hurdle? What to do.

Enter: Inspiration.

I occasionally spot something within the great depths of the interweb that immediately inspires. (if only, I'm rather crow like - shiny objects et. al) Enter one of my fave blogs, Knack Studios. Barb has the coolest design and styling finds posted as well as her own furniture transformations. I have to give her full credit on this one. I was so inspired when I saw this piece, Louie, seeing how dark and rich the black was and I loved the contrast of the white hardware she chose. Sweeeet Perfection. Holy Wow. I knew Buffy could be every bit as beautiful and boy would she ever match my black dining room table, tying together the two rooms better than ever before.

buffy, sanded
Enter: Challenges.
After breaking my own dinky sander during the first sanding, many days of rain and cold, some general laziness and the resulting frustration of not being able to find any hardware I liked in white ANYWHERE, I went ahead and got staining. That part is pretty easy. Two coats with an extra-fine steel wool rub-down in-between and after and she was ready for hardware. Hardware, like I mentioned wasn't the easiest part, but by far one of the most important to me.

hardware pieces, before

I needed something I couldn't find; I decided to make it myself. I hit the home reno place and bought 4 plain silver knobs, the largest and coolest I could find, shape wise. I found some for $1.88 each. Score! Next, I wanted a cheap ornamental backplate to match. I found one I liked for $1.37 each. Sweet-ness. Hardware for under $15. I was elated. Once I got it home I painted it a gloss white. I debated whether to paint them a deep cad yellow but went back to the original vision after a day. With the buffet completely dry we moved Buffy in. New hardware holes were drilled, hardware attached and ta-daa - Buffy became my dream come true!

buffy, after!

see? she fits like a glove

hardware, after

hardware, after
Now, to fill it up and style it! I have some pieces just dying to be hung above.
Stay tuned for *Final* final pictures. I just couldn't wait to share my new found functional friend.



firstofmany said...

Gorgeous! Does it have sort of a deco look? I am so impressed with your talents!

Heather Plett said...

She's lovely! Well done!

Evangeline said...

Fantastic! And she fits like a glove in that nook.

Man, your industry makes me feel lazy. So many unfinished DIY projects around here...

LazyBones said...

That's amazing! What is your job, job? Cause you could make some serious moolah with your craftiness! You DO all the fabulous things I THINK about doing! It's awesome!

mchen said...

Oh WOW, k... Buffy is beautiful — great work!!! Talk about a makeover! And she fits just perfectly in that nook. Nice job :)

serenity said...

wow what a beauty. perfect choices on the hardware and colour.

ok how nerdy will i sound to say i thought you were gonna say it was inspired by buffy the vampire slayer lol--ah well =P


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