Thursday, May 27, 2010

randomness and power line magic

What is this? This is a random page from my humongous upcycled phonebook journal that I will be working on til I am 85. I mean, this is a page from my art journal that I had created a while ago. Scratch that, this is a piece of art that I was inspired to share with the interweb as a result of a blog post I just read. Or, this is a piece I want to share with an interweb person I have discussed before and chatted a bit with online (geek) who has a power line loving son that might get a kick out of it. Or, how about "hey look, a random power line piece." It's your choice, really.

It's amazing how something that seemed random now seems relevant. And how sometimes we all need to just stop and admire power lines. And how children are always the magicians who point these things out to me.



Evangeline said...

Did I not comment on how much I LURVE this? The simplicity of it, and the bits of colour and texture peeking through the white. It is perfection.

the rikrak studio said...

love love love this, nicey!


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