Monday, May 10, 2010

music monday :: Sarah Slean

Happy Monday all! Here's hoping you each had a nice yesterday that included some warm mom moments. From the looks of things on Twitter and in the blog posts so far, it seems everyone else sure had greats days too. Mine sure was fun. We made dinner for my mom and celebrated her day. She got an original framed little p. from me, (she squealed) and a new three wheeler bike she got a couple weeks ago. It's purple. With a basket on the back. She is badass on it. You should hear her talk about her love of it. Yay us! Ok. Onward.
I had no idea what I would want to listen to this morning, so I just picked an old fave out of my music playlist on youtube and went with it. Enter, Sarah Slean.
You might be familiar with her music or name, you might not. Sarah Slean is Canadian, from the Toronto region, and someone I found by chance when she opened for Alanis at the NAC in what feels like a lifetime ago. Ok, 6 or 7 years ago. Regardless, it was her songbird voice, her emotion in her lyrics, the way she played the piano, the cabaret feel to her original style that immediately hooked me back then. I still love it today. Here's Lucky Me, the first song she played that night. Give it a whirl.

And you're sad, and you're sorry
Let it all out what are you running for?
This is your chance, be ready
I'm taking my seat o Lucky Me

Next, Day One, an animated video that i always enjoy a peek at. I just love this song. I do. Day One. What's not to love?!

I put my head back
Where it belongs up there in the clouds
I’m spreading love like
a terrorist now

Lastly, and perhaps my fave, is Sweet Ones. It's amazing to see live. Girl can bang on the piano and belt out a great song with the best of them, I say. Just try it. Go on.

They're counting on a guilty conscience to save you
But I'm bankin' on the deep blue eyes and the face too
They always said, always said, always said you were easy, oh . . .
Oh if I could have just one piece of that I'd be
Sold Over. . .

So that's what I've been listening to this morning. I hope you have a great day! If not, re-play Day One a couple times or check out last week's Music Monday post for my all time fave day-brightener.



Jeff said...

Great songs...and a good post on your Mom....

leel said...

thanks JJ - for both :)


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