Sunday, May 30, 2010

sunday funday

I have the afternoon to myself today. The Bub is on the golf course, so the house is mine too. What to do? What to work on next? What do you do when you can do anything? Decision making is not a strong point for this kid. I ponder, weight, consider, analyze, project and worry. Then I decide, then I start. Sometimes I find it helpful to go back and look at old ideas to pick up ideas and techniques laid aside. Mix the old with the new. Renew the old. One thing I will go and look at is a YouTube video I threw together featuring my journal pages from 2008. It's linked in the sidebar, but I thought it might be fun to watch again today. It always brings me back.

It's a reminder to do another one, for me. To have more and more to look back on and feel connected to. Hold me to it, please!
Thanks for stopping by!


gorillabuns said...

you've reminded me that i need to dig out my old journals and start sketching again.

but then, my kids would start drawing princesses and shit in them.

Mel said...

I forgot how awesome your youtube and your art journals were! Thanks for sharing them again, hope they inspired you to begin new ones!

serenity said...

*officially held 'to it'* =P

Evangeline said...

Yup, also holding to it. This vid was magic. More please.


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